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The collected online writings of Joshua Scott Hotchkin.

I began this website in late 2017 in order to collect my writings from my other other websites, which were costing me too much to upkeep while generating zero revenue from them. Those websites were:


I also used to be an editor and lead contributor at CopBlock.org (spring 2015-2017) and Beyond the Badge, and you can find the material I felt worth salvaging at Abolish the Police. 

I also was editor and lead contributor at the now mostly defunct sprout.news, a marijuana themed media project.

I was also a contributor to the now defunct disinfo.com – one of the world wide web’s original counterculture websites.

The following are websites that I still maintain, to varying degrees:

Satire Town Hall

Meme Analysis Project

The Cold House Memoirs.


Also check out my podcast – Incredibly Strange Views – where I convert much of the content at this site into spoken word.

Playing guitar at Gabe’s Oasis in Iowa City with 100 Degrees Centipede in 2012.

I have also contributed to other websites and magazines over the years as a writer and artist, as well as being a solo musician and member of some memorable bands.

I was born in Iowa City, Iowa, which is where I also currently reside. Unfortunately. Colorado is where I want to be. However my hometown was Newton, Iowa where I lived until my father died when I was eight. From there I moved to Craig, then Florence, Colorado with my mom and brothers to live with my aunt and uncle, who both were siblings of one of my parents. After moving back to Newton shortly I then spent the next several years shuffling around Iowa, Colorado and predominately Wyoming. Then my freshman year of high school I returned to Newton and finished high school, it having been my thirteenth school to attend in my 15 transfers since preschool. I feel blessed to have led such an abnormal childhood and to have increased my experiences and perceptions early by necessity of these and other childhood circumstances.

I stuck around Newton for a few years after high school and was almost married before a crushing rejection, which sent me spiraling to the city of my birth where most of my friends had already relocated to. Iowa City was a blast for a few years, but then I headed off to spend ten months in Seattle and another three in Portland before economic realities forced me back to Iowa City. Once again I found a happy living here, but in my late twenties my infatuation faded and I went to live on a farm near Williamsburg, Iowa, and then later in that town itself. During this time I started playing music with one of my oldest friends and we started The Shitty Wizards, which is still basically a thing. However I left Williamsburg suddenly to join my friend in Newton after they had recently relocated back there, and spent a few months back there before returning to Iowa City in December 2006, where I have been stuck since.

By the way, some of these periods are (and will continue to be) detailed in my Memoirs.


Find out more about Katy and place an order at Limitless Life.

I took my first job at age thirteen in a small cafe in a tiny mining town in Wyoming after an interview that consisted of asking me if I could wash dishes, then pointing me in the direction of where to get started. Since then I have worked in every food service position from host, server, cook, bartender, display manager, etc. I have also worked as a mental health assistant, a special needs assistant, a mechanic, head shop employee/manager/owner, punk rock club bouncer/loading, tattoo assistant, printer at a standard testing company, office supply worker, hotel maintenance and clerk, paid editor/writer/photographer/graphic artist and currently work at one of the worlds greatest independent bookstores. I probably missed a few things in there. I also went to school to become a high school art teacher, but became disillusioned during my tenure as a student teacher, and have become even more critical of compulsive education than the reasons that led me to want to make a difference in the first place.

I grew up a very lax Christian and became a Discordian in my early twenties, adopting numerous other religious and philosophical models along the way. I was suspicious of authority from the time I was about 6 or 7 years of age and was a self-described anarchist by high school. I have been an anarcho-socialist and anarcho-capitalist, but now reject even those labels. I am philosophically idealist, which is in many ways similar to Eastern philosophy, but not entirely.

I am in a long term relationship with a woman who is more understanding, supportive and loving than I can comprehend deserving. We have a cat named Gaspard who reminds me how to be more human all of the time. I am a bit of am introvert and hermit, but besides creative endeavors I do enjoy plenty of outdoor time during the warmer months. As I am writing this it is the middle of winter and I wish I was anywhere but Iowa right now. One cannot even explain that ineffable yet miserable quality of an Iowa winter.

Update 11/8/2019

In August of 2018 we finally escaped Iowa and made our way to Las Vegas, New Mexico. You can read my thoughts about living there HERE.

While I was there I was introduced to the world of background acting, as New Mexico has a thriving film industry. I have already worked in several films and television shows, and plan to continue to do so, and perhaps seek more opportunities in the film industry.

In September of 2019 we moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico – which is a suburb northwest of Albuquerque. For the first time in a very long while I feel like I am somewhere I can appreciate calling my home.

That was a pretty big improvement for almost a year, until New Mexico itself became a safety-prison state.

In July 2021 I will be relocating to Tulsa, OK to start all new adventures and projects with some good friends in a place with a sizably greater respect for individual liberties.

Amy and I goofing off at Wildcat State Den Park in 2014.

If you read all of that and still somehow care to know more, well either read my work or reach out to me using the contact options at the bottom.

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