The Dungherder’s Greatest Hits

These are articles that I am the most proud of or otherwise recommend.

The Golden Rule Is A Terrible Way To Treat People

Nothing’s Fucked Here, Dude – The Parable of the Pancakes

Society On the Surface: Distinguishing Between the Explicit and Implicit

Almost Everything You Think You Know Is Merely An Abstraction & There Is No Such Thing As Gravity

Narrativism – A View of Reality Unburdened by Materialist Science

Dreams, Eternity and the Waking Collector

Objectivity, Subjectivity, Intersubjectivity, Reality, Dreams & the Afterlife

Logic, Reason & Rationality Are Not What You Probably Think They Are

The Simple Reason There Is No Difference Between Religion & Modern Reason

Living Rituals: Magic Without Method

Don’t Forget to Smash Your Clocks On Sunday

There Is No Such Thing As An Adult

It Is Impossible to Separate the Artist from Their Art

Malala Was Wrong: Feminism, Progress & Education

Feminism & Womenism & How to Tell Them Apart

You Don’t Have to be Sad When Someone Dies

One Bad Idea: How A Single Belief Threatens Humanity

Neither Religious, Nor Spiritual: God Without Dogma

The Importance of Distinguishing Between Chaos, Order and Disorder

Let’s Play – Is It Offensive or Is It Just Being A Butthole?

I also occasionally write fiction, and here are a few of my favorites.


To the World, I Died Long Ago, But Today I Say Goodbye

How My Breast Milk Fetish Went Sour

Spontaneous Teleportation

That Time of the Month