The Life & Memories of Joshua Scott Hotchkin

In order of date written, not the time the events themselves happened.

Fall 2017

The Story of Cowfucker Bill – My teenage experiences with a man who had been bullied his entire life are not necessarily my proudest moments.

When We Was Gangsta – When you live in a small, redneck town, just having black friends can get you on the cops list of top gangsters.

Kill Da Wabbit – A close childhood friend and I share a moment that has shaped my entire life.

ABBA vs. KISS in Bullytown – How my childhood musical nemesis was browbeaten into mental illness by bullying, but not by me.

Born to Blaspheme – About the same time I stopped using training wheels, I began breaking the law and damaging God’s property.

A Christmas Fire – Right around the time I turned five years old I lost my home, while a less lucky teenager lost his life.

Earliest Memories – Scraps of memories from my first few years.

How I Quit A Fake Job With A Fake Medical Emergency – As it turns out, allergies can be super duper convenient.

Punched in the Soul – An encounter with the down and out leaves me feeling helpless and depressed.

The Literal Wooden Indian – Hank Williams, chocolate covered cherries, clowns playing mandolins, and a lifelong discomfort with taking things literally.


Winter 2018

Portrait of the Artist As A Google Street Capture – “The next day the shadow of my shitty pants hung over me like a shadow of shitty pants that I shat.”

An Unwanted American Disability Sex Act – Hotel maintenance work leads to lots of weird stuff, but nothing as weird as the time I received unwanted sexual advances from a compliance officer of the ADA.

Winter 2019

Basically This Is About All You Need to Know About Life – How some foul cottage cheese from a motel salad bar and a subsequent sickly drive through a magical storm in the Land of Enchantment reminded me to have a sense of humor.

Summer 2020

She Thinks She Missed the Train to Mars, She’s Out Back Blowing Slipknot – The year was 1997, and somehow my love life collided with the bands Hum and Slipknot simultaneously.

Teargas, Cocaine & Earthquakes – Tales From The Emerald City – A memoir of my time in Seattle during 2001.

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