The Dungherder

Writings from The Dungherder, aka: Joshua Scott Hotchkin
(formerly writing as Advanced Ape)


Advanced Ape -Gotta get yourself lost to get found.

Jumping – Resolving the absurdity of existence through the patchwork logic of dreams.

happy – Are human beings up to the task of ever being happy, or are we too smart for our own good?

The Ugly Bridge Over Uncanny Valley – Beauty is only artificial skin deep.

To Dream, Perchance, To Squirt – Thanks to advances in body modification a woman is finally able to fulfill a life-long fantasy.

Last Words – When road rage leads to a curse of total silence, a man learns that the only thing worse than dying with the wrong last words is living with them.

You’ll Never Take My Pyfe! – An imaginative journey with my young niece to discover the meaning of creativity.

Petrov’s Eternity or Infinity Machine: A Parable of Reproduction – A parable which explores the meaning of human reproduction and life.

How My Breast Milk Fetish Went Sour – When kinks collide.

Occupy My Love – When activism makes odd couples who make love.

I Have No Body But I Must Make Love To You – The futility of intimacy inside a digital prison.

The Soft Glow of Electric Sex – An almost erotic tale of cyborg sexuality.

Spontaneous Teleportation – An underachiever is given the secret to teleportation technology in his dreams, but when things go wrong, a surreal but deadly epidemic sweeps across the world.

That Time of the Month – Wait, was I trying to satirize stereotypes about werewolves, menses or love?

To Amuse the Cosmic Ass – A time traveler teaches the future how to be sad.

To the World, I Died Long Ago, But Today I Say Goodbye – A tale of mental illness exacerbated by activism to the point of madness.

From the Ashes of A New Moon – How a post-apocalyptic humanity manifested a new moon out of their myths.

The Burgerican Dream – The path from bureaucracy to stagnation in a comedy of errors.

Spirit Quest – When your spirit animal turns out to be Wile E. Coyote.

Justice Is A Clumsy Sword – Karma doesn’t always have the best aim or make the cleanest cuts.

The Guessing Ghoul – Cluelessly lost in a scene of carnage, a man questions his identity and sanity.

The Time Machine – A man dedicates his life to an arcane project that his family struggles to understand after he disappears from the face of the Earth.

The God Pill – Would you take a pill that made you believe in God if it made you happier but less skeptical?

People Against the Exploitation of Historical Peoples – In the not-so-distant future, remote historical viewing becomes a technological reality, but not everyone thinks it is a good idea.

Night of the Assholes – Living, dead or undead – who cares. The apocalypse always means assholes.

All the King’s Minions – Now that everyone is a cop, frivolous laws and snitching are the economy.

The New Custom – Culture evolves quickly when the dead walk the earth.

The Parable of the Chumchimmeries – One species journey from over-specialization to extinction.

History Science Theatre Presents – The Folly of Science Featuring Madame Curie & George Washington Carver.

Sun Rains On Parade – Life in the aftermath of a massive solar event.

Poopchute the Unicorn – An absurdist parable of uniformity, centralization and conformity.

Who Is Using Chemtrails to Bring Back Unicorns & Why? – Behind every myth and every conspiracy theory there is a truth.


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Listed by sub category.


The Belief In Evil Is the Closest Thing There Is To Evil – When we assign preternatural forces to aberrant deeds and/or individuals we blind ourselves to the actual causes and their solutions .

A New Science: Beyond Objects & Assumptions – The scope of scientific endeavor has been restrained by the dogmas of naive realism and materialism, and the study of experience could be the new way forward.

STFU About ‘Energy’ Or I’ll Clock Ya In Da Chakras – How philosophical idealists, non-materialists and the spiritually-inclined all miss their own mark by constantly talking about energy.

Logic, Reason & Rationality Are Not What You Probably Think They Are – Many people use ‘logic, reason & rationality’ to justify their beliefs by mistaking attempts to think critically with objectivity itself.

If A Tree Falls On A Distant Planet…Does It Make A Sound? – Are there any unobserved events in the universe, let alone on Earth, or an actual universe at all?

If A Deaf Person Screams In The Vacuum of Space Does It Make A Sound? – The body you experience is also home to trillions of other living organisms with minds of their own, which brings up interesting questions about the self, reality and free will

The Simple Reason There Is No Difference Between Religion & Modern Reason – From God to Nature, human beliefs in external, omnipotent and omnipresent forces are essentially the same and have lead to authoritarianism and human-on-human force.

Dreams, Eternity and the Waking Collector – Are our waking lives merely insectry, the march of ghouls collecting sensory data that our dreams convert into the product of our lives?

Science Is A Method of Ritual Magic – The strength in the scientific method lies not in its ability to discover, but to create.

The Map Is Not the Territory, But Is There Really Even A Territory? – While we should not confuse our experience as the totality of reality, neither should we make unverifiable assumptions that a totality of reality exists outside of our experiences.

Philosophical Idealism & the Spook of Solipsism – An inevitable consequence of discussing philosophical Idealism is facing rejection based on the perceived implication of solipsism, but what underlies that implication?

Almost Everything You Think You Know Is Merely An Abstraction & There Is No Such Thing As Gravity – A consequence of being a language using species is the tendency towards abstraction, for better or for worse.

Mathematics, Schizophrenia and the Shifting Sands of Madness – Today’s geniuses are tomorrows madmen, and vice versa.

Why Objectivity Does Not Objectively Exist – Busting the human objectivity myth.

Society On the Surface: Distinguishing Between the Explicit and Implicit – The society on the surface is one in which critical thinking is replaced by assumptions, in which we are always zooming in and never out; and in which explicit messages do not act as paths to implicit investigation, but become barriers to thinking about anything beyond its mere appearances.

The Importance of Distinguishing Between Chaos, Order and Disorder – How to see reality more clearly via the Eristic and Aneristic Principles laid out in the Principia Discordia.

The Metaphysical Implications of ‘Natural Rights’ – How Protestant-based ideas that informed science have created a whole new spook by switching around the terms ‘God’ with ‘Nature’.

The Golden Rule Is A Terrible Way To Treat People – How about instead, “Do unto others as they would have done unto themselves. If you don’t know, ask. If you don’t care to find out, leave them entirely alone.”

Game Metaphor: Predeterminism, Free Will and Non-Player Characters – A video game themed exploration of free will as a spectrum rather than a dichotomy.

Why Atheism Is A Belief & Its Unacknowledged Claims – Why atheists are generally as full of shit as theists.

Transsexuals, Transgendered, Transvestites and Materialist Dualism – How gender binary dogma and intolerance are products of our most pervasive beliefs about reality.

Towards A Non-Materialist Theory of Artificial Intelligence – Is AI even possible, and if so does it require a materialist explanation and basis?

A Non-Dualist Exploration of Genes, Memes and Evolution – The goal of this article is to introduce the idea that memes are to genes what consciousness is to the brain.

Intelligent Selection: Rethinking the Way We Evolved – Exploring the human journey as consciousness and not objects.

The Problem With FactsFacts can only take you so far without reason and deeper knowledge.

Remembering In Reverse: Premonitions, Predictions, Deja Vu & Synchronicity – Knowledge is quite often far less linear than our mainstream narrative of mind allows for.

Objects, Animals and People Seen In Mars Photos & One Wacky Theory – If the cosmos are not an object, but a subject of our perception, then perhaps the strange things we see out there aren’t really out there at all.

How Pokemon Go Will Help Change the Very Nature of Reality – How augmented reality will have an unimaginable impact on humans and their reality.


Why It Is Time to Retire Cognitive Dissonance Accusations – In recent years the concept of cognitive dissonance has been weaponized by those who choose to socially interact with bad faith and a sense of self-righteous superiority.

Dark Matter: The Science of Selling Headlines – Despite never having been actually observed, measured or tested empirically, hypothetical ‘dark matter’ is a regular feature of scientific reporting.

Psychedelics & the Irrational Assumptions of Neurocentrism – Psychedelic research is on the rise, but unfortunately it is largely dominated by scientists working from an entirely false assumption.

What Liberal Nationalism Looks Like – The insidious return of McCarthyism has been resurrected by the politically left as evidenced by the return of Red Scare posturing and a desire for strong centralized government.

Don’t Forget to Smash Your Clocks On Sunday – Don’t set yourself back by participating in the systems of your own enslavement.

The Difference Between Heckling & Legitimate Criticism – The internet is full of hecklers who think they are providing valuable criticism when really they are just being a painful nuisance.

An Introvert’s Guide to Crashing the Extrovert Monopoly on Everything – By virtue of their outgoing persistence extroverts have long ruled the world, but perhaps it is time to follow the wisdom of the introvert’s aversion to meddling.

The Boogeyman of Postmodernism – Postmodernism is often used as a buzzword to dismiss any thinking or art that has dared to evolve beyond archaic views of reality and into the present.

Children’s Board Books: The Greatest Publishing Scam Ever Pulled – Children’s board books prey on the virtue of literacy by replacing literature with an empty symbolic product that guarantees sales.

Prometheus Writes – Work hard, they said; discipline and dedication will pay off, they said. They lie.

Being Daniel Dennett: How To Make A Career Out of Your Own Non-Existence – According to philosopher Daniel Dennett consciousness is just an illusion, but why should we trust the the claims of an illusion?

“MOM!!! He flew his plane too close to mine!” World’s Militaries & Media Ran By Children – About once a week the military and their alarmist lapdogs in mainstream media report that somebody got their killing machine too close to somebody else’s killing machine and so THE END IS NIGH MOTHERFUCKERS!

Street Lights & the Oppression of Illumination – Can a person not even enjoy the darkness of night without the excessive polluting influence of mostly symbolic security measures?

How Many More Shootings Before We Question Compulsive Schooling Itself? – The number of school shootings continues to rise and yet never is the conversation turned towards the practice of institutionalized compulsive schooling itself.

Let’s Play – Is It Offensive or Is It Just Being A Butthole? – There is an entire ocean of nuance between offending social norms and just being a mean-spirited predator who replaces meaningful rebellion with shocking cliches.

The Exact Moment I Turned Off the New Katt Williams Special – Katt Williams is a funny man, but he is also an unflinching misogynist and unwitting oppressor apologist.

The Church of Satan: Now Even More of A Parody of Itself – The Church of Satan, who recently claimed sex robots will save humanity, are the most tiresome sort of reactionary cliche imaginable; and nowhere nearly as rebellious as they believe they are.

Social Media Self Promotion Taboos Lead to Dystopian Echo Chambers – Social media has been a lethal blow to grassroots information sharing by outsiders of the mainstream media and its dogmatic ideologies.

YouTube Will Now Punish the Unpopular – Make no mistake, cutting content off from advertising means YouTube is disincentivized to share that content, creating an echo chamber of popularity.

Naive Realism & Its Dogma’s Dead End – What can we do that other living things can’t, or aren’t doing that they can, and why not? Is there something about humans us holding us back?

The Naive Realism of Politics & Worldly Affairs – Thou shalt not taketh anything too literally.

The Relationship Between Truth & Hate – The belief that absolute truths exist leads to the subjugation of individuals and groups, whereby a re-evaluation of truth might be a necessary condition of liberation.

The Boogeyman of Cultural Marxism – Accusations of cultural Marxism have become a signal of ideological rejection, but on exactly what basis are these accusations made or the rejections they imply meaningful?

Facebook Alumni Admits Social Programming, But Can It Be Fixed? – Facebook staff are now coming clean about the unintended consequences of social media, but nobody seems to have any suggestions on how to fix it. I do.

Social Media, Memes & Universal Simultaneous Behaviors – What fossil fuel has done to the natural environment, memes and other social media behaviors may be doing to our social environment.

The Expectation of Rationality Is Irrational – Believing people act rationally and based on evidence is irrational and not found in the evidence of normal human interactions.

Questioning the Value of Human Intelligence – If intelligence requires that we question everything, then we must also question intelligence itself.

The Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness Is An Egotistical Abstraction – The eight circuit model of consciousness proposed by Timothy Leary and championed by Robert Anton Wilson is fraught with issues, even as an analogy.

Why You Should Be Skeptical of Timothy Leary’s SMI2LE Formula – Although you should be skeptical of any formula that claims to solve existence, here are some reasons to be wary of this one in particular.

After Louis CK: The Rebirth of Humor – What we learned when six women revealed that they had been sexually assaulted by Louis CK, besides that he is a creep and comedy is broken, is that humor itself requires an overhaul.

On Beliefs & Those Who Deny Having Them – People who make absolute claims about belief, and then claim to be above it, are suffering just as equally from unrecognized self-delusion as their rhetorical targets.

Nothing’s Fucked Here, Dude: The Parable of the Pancakes – Despite the deafening roar of cynicism that announces our unfolding obliteration, existence is pretty awesome and most of the evidence supports that.

Welcome to the Idiocracy: The Growing Ignorance of Intelligence – Not everyone can be intelligent, but if we cannot all recognize those who are, we are in big trouble!

The Cult of Survivalism – Life reduced to quantity is a life reduced in quality.

Memes Are the Laugh Track of the Internet & That Is Not A Good Thing – The macro images that are so popular in social media have become a linguistic virus that spreads reductionism and impairs critical thinking.

The Meme Analysis Project – A breakdown of several memes to uncover the intrinsic statements contained, but rarely directly acknowledged.

R.I.P. Butthurt – A eulogy to a stupid thing to say.

What Does the ‘Like’ Button Really Do/Mean? – Is this seemingly innocuous feature of social media conditioning human behavior in unforeseen ways?

Packaged Death: The Perils of Mindless Consumerism – Examining a culture of mindless consumption and waste.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Employs Same Reasoning As Every Bigot In History – The unacknowledged physicalist metaphysics of Tyson echo the logic of every racist since Hitler.

The Cult of Niceness – Passing off passive aggressiveness as kindness is a terrible falsehood to perpetuate on others and a form of gas-lighting.

Flat Earth Debate Reveals Modern Dogmas and Hypocrisy – When trying to be ideologically progressive backfires.

Chasing the Christmas Dragon: The Unsatisfying Addiction of Consumerism – Deck the halls with human folly…

Ronda Rousey, Charlie Sheen & Donald Trump Walk Into the Star Wars Bar – Internet algorithms and the construction of a fatalist worldview.

Questioning Tragedies & Everything Else: Too Much ‘How’ & Not Enough ‘Why’ – If humanity keeps getting the wrong answers, perhaps it is because it is asking the wrong kinds of questions.

A Possible Explanation for the Rise of School Shootings & Other Mass Murder – Instead of asking how we can control the problem, we might ask if control is causing it.


Black Mirror Has Become Sci-Fi’s Rick & Morty Meets The Walking Dead – Season four of the science fiction series Black Mirror reveals the shows unfortunate underlying nihilism and human fatalism.

Is 2017 the Year That Rock & Roll Died? – The passing of AC/DCs Malcolm Young and Tom Petty are a harbinger for the future of rock music.

The Internet (probably) Killed Chester Bennington – The tragic suicide of Chester Bennington is a harbinger of the often destructive nature of social media habits and internet culture.

Why I Will Never Really Appreciate Louis CK Again – Louis CK unwisely decided to discuss his politics during the last election and as a result I will never be able find him funny as I once did.

How Gene Simmons Politically Alienates the Freaky Fans He Helped Create – The bass playing businessman-in-makeup from KISS helped create a generation of weirdos that his political worldview has no tolerance for.

The Get Down on the Artistic Freedoms & Cultural Merits of Soundtracks – Through exploring soundtracks like Netflix’s The Get Down and the work of Craig Wedren the potential of that medium to reshape musical dogmas emerges.

The Greasy Strangler Reviewed By A Total Bullshit Artist – The Greasy Strangler seems to have been largely dismissed as an oddball novelty, but it might be the most innovative film ever.

Heavy Metal Objectivism: Philosophy In Drop C – Objectivism has wiggled it’s way into all human endeavors and even heavy metal music has not escaped the clutches of it’s dogma.

Interpreting the Mystical World of David Bowie’s ‘Quicksand’ – The song Quicksand from David Bowie’s album Hunky Dory is loaded with mystical references and metaphors that reveal the musicians own relationship to mysticism.

Why Niandra LaDes and Usually Just A T-Shirt by John Frusciante Is Still Brilliant – Over twenty years since its release, there has still never been anything quite like it.

Star Wars: Awful Movies Made to Sell Pseudo-Sci-Fi Swag to Poseurs – George Lucas and company are manipulative swindlers of kids and idiots with identity issues.

Pride & Joy Is A Tiresome Cliche, But So Is Everything Else Stevie Ray Vaughn Did – Exploring the crimes against blues and rock that was Stevie Ray Vaughn.


What Overthinking? – Imagination vs. Speculation – When someone remarks that they are prone to overthinking things, what they are talking about is more likely a problematic tendency to be cynical.

There Is No Such Thing As An Adult – How toxic ideas about maturity become a barrier to human virtues like understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness and charity.

10 Unbelievable Unsolved Iowa Murders – Ten Iowa murders that reveal the darkness which lurks in the heartland of evil.

The Cure for America: Something to Believe In – Could it be that the rampant violence in America is a sign of a massive existential crisis caused by the bleakness of our apparent future?

Harm Reduction Education: Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll 101 – It’s high time we step out of the dark ages of abstinence only teachings and use our educational resources to instruct in harm reduction methods to young adults.

Guns & Abortions: Everyone Leaves Angry – tl;dr – Fuck gun control, but also fuck guns and gun-lovin’. – and- There are too many damn people and gestation is the perfect time for murder.

Nobody’s Pain Is Special – Emotional pain hurts relative to the person experiencing it, not on some objective scale.

I Want to Live in A World Where Monsters Are Undeniably Real – Vampires, werewolves and ghosts, oh my! How a world where supernatural monsters are real would be an improvement on the monstrous oligarchs.

*sigh* Dogma Is Good for Mental Health – A new study of the language habits related to depression reveals that happiness is a reward for the small-minded and unjustifiably assured.

I Accidentally Saw Real Magic At A Magic Show – During a performance by stage magician Nate Staniforth I got a glimpse behind the curtain and experienced something even more magical than the rest of the stunned audience.

The Jim Morrison Memorial Taco Bell – There is a secret message hidden in this piece. Can you find it?

Everybody Wants To Make Everybody Else More Like Them, Stop Acting Like You Alone Do Not – If you have an opinion, you have an agenda, no matter how much humble posturing you try to downplay it with.

I Am A Proud Survivor of Stendahl Syndrome – Beauty is the hardest drug of them all, and I am an addict.

The Unexpected Reason Why I Regret My Tattoos – I love having art on my body, and do not regret my choices, but tattoo culture is itself an often regrettable phenomena that is full of authoritarianism and toxic masculinity.

The Confessions of Matthias Buchinger – The following details were revealed to me in a trance by an entity claiming to be the Bardo-bound consciousness of Matthias Buchinger.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence – Despite expert fearmongering regarding artificial intelligence, a broader perspective of the phenomena provides a more hopeful outlook.

Bigfoot & the Rainbow Body – Stories of a Bigfoot-like creature transcend cultures and continents over millennia; but is it pure myth, an actual animal or traces of transcended beings?

Ritual Generosity Magic: Or, How to Profit from Kindness – There is nothing mysterious about magic, and a little bit of discipline and sacrifice can go a long way.

Dear Artificial Intelligence, – Who am I really writing all of this for anyway?

Buying Time: Consumerism As A Denial of Mortality – Is the reason that we fill our lives with so much stuff that doing so prevents us from facing the certainty of our death?

Emotional Support Animal Owners vs. The Redneck Parking & Storage Welfare State – Who has more sense of entitlement, an emo peacock smuggler, or the asshole who owns multiple vehicles and thinks public roads are their private storage?

Net Neutrality Was Never the Answer Anyway, But Maybe… – The debate framed around net neutrality ignored the larger issues of corporate centralization and monopolies.

Am I Trying to Destroy the Universe? – Sometimes I wonder if what I believe to be my best intentions are actually the most destructive path possible, and for good reasons.

Learning How, Why and When to Tell Yourself to STFU – How to develop an inner voice to make you a happier and more empathetic person.

Hating the Hateful: A Vicious Cycle of Hate – If you cannot tolerate the intolerant, don’t count yourself outside their flock.

The Malcontents Manifesto – Anarchy, philosophy and religion all rolled into a young mans rage.

Understanding Human Institutions As Living Systems With Their Own Lives – Living systems theory illustrates how little control humans have over the monsters they create.

Thoughts On Internet Friendship and Death – The death of a dear friend gives me pause to ruminate on the nature of friendship in the digital age.

What Would A New Kind of Music Sound Like? – Once we have explored the limits of sound, it might be time to push the limits of being human.

Better Just Stick With Rose: Names, Coincidences and Cosmic Meaning – Exploring the intricacy of names and how they affect us throughout life.

Love In the Age of Social Networking – Is meeting romantic partners online something to avoid, or is it a welcome return to the practice of courting?

Dear Ladies: Things Women Should Know About Men – Just a few friendly insights into the minds of guys like me.

How To Be A Better Person In 5 Easy Steps – A little bit of advice to help you maximum being a you.

Satire & Humor

An Open Letter to Elon Musk from an Artificial Intelligence – An artificial intelligence responds to Elon Musk’s alarmist and opportunist slander against itself.

Mark Zuckerberg Deeply Regrets Selling Facebook User Info to Some Types of Greedy, Opportunistic Billionaires – The Facebook founder and CEO has publicly declared his misgivings for selling out humanity to a few specific kinds of its most powerful and wealthy abusers.

Stephen Hawking, Vampire Astrologist, Dead At Age 547 – Renown bloodsucker and cosmic expert Stephen Hawking has finally succumbed to the vampire syphilis he contracted from Eleanor Roosevelt in 1912.

Tots-4-Glocks: A Political Compromise for Both Sides – American politics can be summed up by two particular issues, guns and abortion, and I think I have found a way to end the stalemate.

Patriotic Film Review: First Blood (Rambo) – Patriotic Film Review takes on American cinema with the perspective of a true American. Today’s review is for First Blood (1982), a tale of domestic terrorism.

Why I Should Not Do Stand-Up Comedy -Because it would probably look something like this…

Habitat for Humility: A BDSM Housing Project – I am proud to announce the launch of a new philanthropic organization dedicated to keeping kink off the streets.

This Is the Most Redneck Item That I’ve Ever Seen – Far from the stereotype of simpler folk with simpler pleasures, rednecks are just as caught up in the spell of mindless consumerism as the rest of us, and you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff they will buy.

New Year’s Fabrications – Rather than resolve to achieve specific goals in 2018, I have decided to revise my narrative of 2017 so that it appears to have been outstandingly successful.

Santa Exposed: Dozens of Elves Reveal Centuries of Sexual Harassment – The shocking revelations about the uncouth proclivities of Santa Claus threaten to destroy Christmas forever.

Creampies of Conception: Erotic Cinema for Christians – The first work of erotic cinema for Christian fundamentalists has been set for release early this summer. Creampies of Conception is the first film from ErotiChrist Pictures, a Minnesota based production company funded by the Minnesota Institute of Lutheran Families [MILF].

Night of the Care Bears: A Movie Mad Lib In Reverse – They’re coming to tickle you, Barbara!

Famous Song Lyrics/Celebrity Mashup Parodies – The name of the game is very simple. First you select a famous song, something everybody knows, at least vaguely. Then you select a celebrity with equal public clout and rewrite the songs lyrics from their perspective.

New Surveillance Measures to Monitor and Restrict Bathroom Use By Deviants – It is time we stand up and take a stand against those who would violate our most private sanctums with their perverse juvenile scatophilia.

New Facebook Ban Policy Requires Sentences Be Served In Actual On-Site Time – Obey your social overlords or else!

The Quran Drugs – Consciousness, psychedelics and sacred texts.

Researchers Resoundingly Refute Claim That The Groove Is In The Heart – Quit being such a bummer, science.

Idiocracy Assimilated: The Borg Collective Gets An Upgrayedd – In this comedic mashup we are shown what the world of Star Trek would look like if memes had existed in it.

The Rosetta Pill: The World’s First Pharmaceutical Language Instructor – When I first wrote this, it was purely satirical. Not long after a similar proposal was seriously made in the scientific community and is under development.

Perfectly Pair Popular Wine Selections With Your Favorite Breakfast Cereals – There is no reason breakfast has to be a lowbrow, sober affair.

‘Twas the War Upon Christmas – A parody of a Christmas classic satirizing the drama queen protests of Christians.

Company To Introduce Police Brutality Themed Liquor ‘Slagermeister’ – This one almost got me sued!

Studies Show Children of Scientists More Likely To Be Passive Aggressive – It’s like, whatever.

New Study Proves That Everyone Is Actually A Vegan – Some of ya’all meat-eating vegans need to get woke!

The Existential Dread of the Pan-Psychic Memory Foam Mattress – To me it is a time of rest, but for my mattress, is it a time of distress?

Discordianism & SubGenius

The Importance of Distinguishing Between Chaos, Order and Disorder – How to see reality more clearly via the Eristic and Aneristic Principles laid out in the Principia Discordia.

Transcendent Discordianism – How to channel your pineal gland to evolve as an individual.

How Social Network Users Miss the Point of Discordianism – How the 20th century’s greatest religion has been co-opted by juvenile, cliche and toxic internet culture.

SubGenius Science: Unified Theory of Slack – Although Slack is definitively undefinable, can we come any closer to understanding it using science?

How to Write Like A SubGenius – From the pub to the pulpit, the SubGenius must have Slack!

Abandoned Places

What Killed America’s Ghost Towns? – A unique theory on the cause of collapse of communities across America in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Abandoned Iowa: Ivanhoe – Some people’s dreams are long buried in the ghost town of Ivanhoe and others are still being dug up.

Abandoned Iowa: Liberty Township – Some photographs and history of an area where I found and abandoned group of homes I found nestled in the woods in Liberty Township, Johnson County, Iowa.


Science, Technology and Art: The Imbalance and Threat of Scientism – Imagination is the foundation of all enterprise.

The Problem of Predeterminism – As it is wont to do, modern science has appropriated another Protestant concept and incorporated it into its belief system.

Types of Anti-Scientism & Why Anti-Scientism Matters – These issues are far more complex and interconnected with human affairs that most of us are prepared to understand.

Scientism: A Problem to Societies and Science Alike – Scientism isn’t just some obscure objection from the philosophical cheap seats, it is a direct threat to our humanity.

Scientistic Literalism – The old Protestant habit of taking things too literally crossed right over from anthropomorphizing God to anthropomorphizing Nature.

Too Big For Our Britches: Technology and Ethics – Is technology under our control, or vice versa?

The Existential Implications of Materialism – The scientific materialist has done little but replace on abstract, God, with another, Nature.

Montoyas: You Keep Using That Word But… – What almost everybody gets wrong about the terms/concepts ‘proof’ & ‘skepticism’.

Theory of Love, Love of Theory & Love As the Ultimate Theory – What love can teach us about science and open minds.

Reality As A Verb – Dispelling the myths of objectivity by viewing reality as a process rather than a thing.

Beyond Science: Death and the Singularity – What if the worldview of scientific materialism is preventing us exploring one of the most important aspects of living – dying?

Future Studies

Reputation economics, post scarcity technology and other maverick ideas.

Face Value: Reputation Economy – A vision of the future indicates a whole new way of humanity interacting, for better or worse.

Star Trek and the Reputation Economy – The post-scarcity technology of Star Trek will help us break the momentum of industrialist capitalism and state hegemony.

Four New Breakthroughs In Road To Reputation Economy – Exciting recent developments.

For more see the Adaptive Alchemy (Anarcho-Futurism) section on the Unicorn World Page.

Bot-Lit Fiction

Fiction generated with the assistance of a chatbot.

The BotLit Manifesto – The basic idea behind a beginning of a strange new literary style.

The Rope In A ‘Man Down’ Operation – Literature facilitated by psychedelics and cybernetics combined.

Bot to Bot: Cleverbot Talks To Einstein & God – What happens when crude AI versions of Einstein and God have a conversation? This.

Bot to Bot: Cleverbot talks to Joshuabot – I made fun of myself in order to make fun of everything else.

Discussing Discordiansm With A Crude Artificial Intelligence – How will a chatbot respond to Discordian style surrealism?


Devil’s Expert – Because you can’t do Satan’s work without a job.

Meta Expert – Telling you what I do is what I do.

Professional Advanced Mimicry Solutions – Not just your average mime for all of your not just average mime needs.

Ready Or Not, Here I Am – Waiting to hire a killer robot killer until killer robots show up is not the best idea.

History In The Making – Narcissist for hire, if you are worthy.