The Majority Is Always Wrong

How ideas, positions and beliefs are regressive and obsolete by the time they are accepted by the masses.

When I talk about majority ideology, I am not just talking about the most popular or accepted belief, but all of the competing beliefs at the top of the social narrative food chain. Since you probably think this is a political statement, though it is only partially directed at that subject, let me use that as an example. Not only does anyone who qualified to get their name on a ballot (as well as their voters) count as a majority, anyone still who still believes in that entire political structure counts as majority opinion, even if they voted for their nana’s goldfish. Those not included in the majority are those who outright reject the entire centralized, hierarchal structures whose power is predicated on the threat of aggression.

Another example would be theology and science, which are both held with religious awe by their most pious believers. So why is this?

Majority opinions are always wrong. As human understanding evolves, the maverick thinkers that create the new paradigms for humanity must necessarily be in disagreement with the norms to create the novelty which propels us forward. By the time any opinion has reached a critical threshold of cultural absorption, it is already out of date.

The smartest things are things most nobody has heard of yet, and would likely scoff indignantly at them instead of recognizing their value. And yet the masses tend to believe that their opinions are valid simply because they are popular, which is actually proof that they are irrelevant and obsolete.

Of course it does not follow that unpopular, minority positions are always right. Most of them are wrong, too. But which is better, to be wrong as a compulsory conformist, or to be wrong with sincere, genuine and authentic attempts at discovering future ideas? For me it is the latter, every time. Which also makes life more difficult, so I can understand the urge to take the easy way out and become a joiner. What I will probably never be able to understand is the snarky haughtiness and malignant confidence with which the majorities ignore and become hostile towards independent thinkers. I guess maybe there is some unconscious desire to lash out at as revenge for the people in the future who believe the current majorities were wrong and stupid for the beliefs they are presently so cocky about.

Ironically, most of those future people will be caught in the same trap that contemporary majority thinkers are in now, so the joke is on everyone always. Real funny, existence, real funny.

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