Stupid, eh?

So you’ve just called me stupid or dumb or idiotic or something like that. Or maybe you just said one of those things about something I wrote or created. This is for you. This is my response. I will not bother specifically addressing you directly, for the same reason I do not argue with fire hydrants or comatose ducks. Since you have already indicated a predilection for low info exchanges, you’re probably not reading this. But just in case you are…

Let me explain something about people who are not stupid – they go to great lengths to explain why something they encounter is problematic for them. They do not just call the person or content stupid, they actually address the arguments presented on their own merits. They articulate their ideas with thoughtful responses in the hopes of opening up a dialogue, or at least expressing themselves in a thoughtful, dignified manner. And if they don’t believe the person or content is even worth engaging with, they just don’t. The only thing smart people do not do is just blurt out their disapproval and scorn, that is total idiot behavior, so congratulations. You have just publicly illustrated to everyone watching the exchange that you are the emotional and intellectual equivalent of a toddler.

The same goes for those of you who automatically equate a person or piece of content with something it is not. Usually this happens by the people who have sorted themselves into one of the two prepackaged identity roles, SciLib or GodCon. For these people failing to affirm their scripted rhetoric and groupthink ideology will get you labeled as ‘the other’. If a SciLib does not hear their own thoughts echoed back at them, they assume you are a GodCon, even if your position or reasoning differs in every way. And vice versa. There are a scary amount of NPCs running around out there who think there are only two character types, and you are either theirs, or their enemies. The lack of intelligence and imagination in such an assessment of things is so frighteningly juvenile, primal and tribal that it is as if we are dealing with a large portion of humanity who are rapidly devolving into base, infantile animals throwing around mindless emotional rhetoric like their own excrement.

If you don’t have something thoughtful to say, just don’t say anything. It’s that easy. Go heckle someone your own intellectual size, like an empty milk carton or epileptic prawn – and leave the rest of us to figure out how to create a world worth living in despite you.

Probably the only thing worse than just throwing around words of disapproval is doing it with memes like macro images and gifs. Use your fugkn words, chimp. This isn’t an ancient cave wall or a children’s book.

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