Men Angrily React to ‘All We Are Saying Is Try Not To Be A Sadistic Brute’ Ad Campaign

The most recent public service announcement urging men to be their very best selves has drawn heated reactions and sparked a bizarre violent incident.

Last night nine men were involved in a fight outside of a Dallas area Hooters restaurant. Police were called to the scene after a protest erupted in violence among its own participants. Nine men took part in the brouhaha and all were arrested. Six protesters were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries before being transported to the jail where the other three brawlers had already been booked.

Apparently the men got themselves worked up while talking to a News7 crew, who filmed the entire bizarre incident. The footage shows a man angrily ranting at the camera, identified as Roy Ragen, who goes on to instigate the fight among his fellow protesters.

“You want us all to dance around in dresses and high heels, huh? Tiptoe around like fairies…cut our nuts off and use the women’s bathroom? You want a bunch of puss….lemme ask you, who is gonna fight our wars? Who is gonna…what do you think will happen if the pussy people win and we all become jolly little queers who can’t defend ourselves and the people we love? I got a family. I…here, you want to see what real men look like?”

At this point Roy turns to his left and punches the man closest to him, and a brawl immediately broke out among about half of the group, while the remaining urged them on from the side. The news crew immediately called police, but the fight raged on for almost eight minutes before authorities arrived. In the footage it appears that the participants in the skirmish appeared to be having a good time, and would sometimes stop to help one another back to their feet before returning to blows. The most graphic portion of that recording depicts a man, face bloody and already showing signs of swelling, looking directly into the camera from a short distance and then spitting blood at it and murmuring, “Real men…” before stumbling to the ground.

The protest came hours after it was leaked that Hooters, the popular men’s beer and wings franchise famous for its scantily clad waitresses, would be airing a commercial during the Super Bowl with the tagline, “All we are saying is try not to be a sadistic brute.” Almost immediately outrage began to flow out into comments sections around the internet, and before long the usual men’s anger outlets began publishing articles decrying an attack by a commercial they hadn’t even seen yet. Other protests formed at Hooters locations nationwide last night, but none quite as unbelievably absurd as the incident in Dallas.

A spokesperson from Hooters attempted to calm the waters just hours after the leak with a statement attempting to explain the ad campaign.

“In no way does the Hooters corporation, its management or franchises, condemn maleness or masculinity. Our ad is an attempt to recognize what is honorable in men, and to urge them uphold those standards. The tagline, ‘All we are saying is try not to be a sadistic brute,” is a joke that comes from a scene where several angry men are seen overreacting to legitimate, common sense criticism of the weaker and more brutal characteristics that have come to be associated with masculinity.”

The irony here is that, without having seen the commercial, many men and men’s special interest groups have unwittingly played out the sort of irrational excess the commercial reportedly takes a jab at. While it would be more fun to entertain the idea that Hooters have obtained precognitive powers, it is instead a rather embarrassing sign that radical male outrage has become so irritatingly predictable.

“Hooters is all about men and we admire the honorable traits of our brothers and hope to encourage the kind of masculinity that serves mankind with integrity and grace. We aren’t trying to emasculate anybody or denigrate men. All we are saying is try not to be a sadistic brute.”



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