The FBI is Lying About Solar Observatory Closure In New Mexico

The supposed reason for the solar observatory closure in Sunspot, New Mexico has been officially given as child pornography, but that explanation fails on many levels.

Here is a list of problematic issues with the recent claims, which followed weeks of secrecy, and ignited curiosity, skepticism and conspiracy theories.

  • In most cases where major child pornography busts are made there is cooperation and involvement by local and state law enforcement, and in this case the FBI did not work with or share information with any of these agencies.
  • If a suspect was known and a warrant had been obtained, there would be no reason to withhold information from the public. If the suspect was forewarned of the FBIs impending operation and fled, then there would be no need for the secrecy.
  • It is entirely unclear why the entire operation had to be shut down for a week to investigate the crime of a single employee.
  • Why were the post office and several of the town’s residents also evacuated in what legally amounts to a cyber crime?
  • How often does the FBI bring in a Blackhawk battle chopper to bust a janitor with some no-no downloads?
  • Did the six other solar observatories around the world that were shut down at the same time also have pedophile janitors defiling their hard drives in the most improbable child porn ring ever discovered?

I have no idea why the Sunspot observatory was shut down. Aliens seem unlikely, as does a solar apocalypse. The theory that China has hacked them as spy bases carries some ring of legitimacy, but is not currently verifiable to any trustworthy degree. But what I do know, given the information we have, the reasoning obtained after the fact is full of all sorts of ridiculous inconsistencies. Something classified happened and the child porn cover-up makes for an easy scapegoat.

Unfortunately there are countless cases of sexual assault against children every year. It is easy to understand why accusations of this nature would ignite a passionate response in people, and when passions are united we become less likely to ask questions. That makes it easy for people with dubious motives to use this accusation. Whether it is to discredit an individual or group, or to steer attention away from the truth, playing the child sex abuse card can be incredibly effective even when there is almost no evidence to corroborate the claim; especially in the court of public opinion.

Hijacking the grief of actual victims of pedophilia to weave your own tapestry of propaganda is a cowardly and inhumane thing to do. It agitates the wounds of individuals and tears at the fabric of social structures. It is manipulative opportunism that crushes survivors to misinform the innocent.

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The point I want to make of all of this is not that the FBI are lying, because of course they are, that is what covert government agencies do. The real lesson is that we must be ever vigilant that we do not allow others to use our sense of morality and decency against us. This is our weakness. This is where charlatans of all stripes attack. They find those things we find most honorable or objectionable and pay lip service to them out of the the side of their lying mouths. They fuel their agendas with our goodness. So before you let accusations of outrageous behaviors like pedophilia sway you to take a position on anything, step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

Does the accusation seem reliable, credible and come with nearly irrefutable evidence? Does the person making it have other motives and agendas to do so? These are just a few of the questions you must ask yourself in order not to get played by the unscrupulous. Always be sure to guide the passion of your values with the scope of reason, and be especially skeptical when you are driven by outrage and anger, because this is when you are easily distracted and someone else can grab your wheel and do all your steering for you.


5 thoughts on “The FBI is Lying About Solar Observatory Closure In New Mexico

  1. The official explanation is threats from the janitor being investigated for child pornography.
    But… why shut down the whole observatory? Why not just arrest the janitor for threats? And why is the post office closed as well?


  2. Of course this would not explain why windows were boarded up on some of the buildings and people fled the area. The key to the deception is the way that multiple agencies and multiple news outlets provided a variety of completely different explanations for the shutdown. This is a textbook method of coping with unwanted leaks: if you cant stop the leak, then you must pollute the knowledge pool with so much disinformation that no one can discern which reports are factual. However, it’s obvious to anyone who researches this that all establishment sources are lying to the public. The question is WHY. The answer is, the incident involved a manifestation of paranormal phenomena which governments have absolutely no method of coping with. And this is going to become more common as we enter a region of space which facilitates that – especially in close proximity to underground alien bases which contain interdimensional portals. When it happens on a larger scale, you can expect to see even more elaborate cover-up scenarios. I dont care if no one believes me; the proof will be when you see more stories like this in the mainstream media which are blatant, baffling, illogical falsehoods.


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