How About An Innerspace Force?

The most dangerous spooks are not ‘out there’ waiting to attack, but live right inside of our own minds, sowing discord and disharmony to the tune of our own delusions and self-denial.

When the Ochre Autocrat recently announced his intentions to form a ‘Space Force’ he was widely and rightly ridiculed and mocked mercilessly for his juvenile schemes. While the Tangerine Tyrant may not have any good ideas about preparing us for the future, I do.

How about if, instead of expending massive resources to blow up potential species we haven’t even met yet, we put some effort into eradicating the enemies within? How about instead of an army comprised of violent xenophobes who haven’t worked out their inner demons, we create an army of self-actualized psychonauts whose purpose it is to celebrate and maximize life? And how about if that Army was comprised of every human being alive?

For far less than it would cost us to prepare to blow up aliens, we could provide the means for people to fully explore the depths of their own minds. We could fight the legions of bogeymen that roam the crowded halls of our individual and collective psyche and make room for imagination, creativity and other productive mental inhabitants that could actually help us to solve our human issues rather fire explosives at them.

To begin with we could have a massive informational outreach that put literature and other learning materials in the hands of those who have not yet learned how to explore their own inner landscapes. We can educate people on meditation and its benefits; not in the way that corporations have co-opted mindfulness for peak performance, but in ways that allow people to navigate the shadows and hidden assumptions that generally never even make a blip on the radar of their conscious thinking.

Psychedelic drugs like LSD, mushrooms and MDMA could be made available to the public, and we could create special centers where newcomers could get assistance and guidance in their first psychedelic experiences to insure their safety and good times. These compounds have a powerful ability to break down mental and emotional blockages and can give us enough distance from our ego to be able to judge it in ways which we can use to make follow-up improvements. And these psychedelic centers could also be meeting places for people to share their experiences and help one another incorporate their deepest lessons into practical knowledge for living and loving.

While tripping on drugs is one way to break down boundaries and gain self-knowledge, often just regular old trips to new places can do much the same. The more we see of the world – its people, customs and cultures – the more we can see of ourselves. We can take so much of how we live for granted because we know no other way of living that it becomes easy to fall into ruts that obstruct our ability to self-reflect. So by insuring that there is a way for everyone to enjoy the luxury of travel, we might also help people break the terrible momentum of stillness. Stagnation warps our sense of humanity and creates blind spots in our own minds. Those blind spots become hiding places for the sort of spooks which create fear and prejudice, so maybe we need to be sure we keep on truckin’ as often and widely as possible.

There are undoubtedly numerous other ways in which we could encourage and supplement people’s journey towards self-knowledge. The world of our experiences is shaped by the limits of our consciousness. To see the world more fully, we must also learn to see ourselves more fully, even if what we find may be initially shocking.

As the old saying goes, we are our own worst enemies, so lets take the fight to ourselves and wipe out delusion and self-denial for once and for all. Victory for one is victory for all, and vice versa.

Join the Innerspace Force and get your mind blown to space, or your monkey back, guaranteed.


13 thoughts on “How About An Innerspace Force?

  1. Great idea! Of course other have already put this out there….you are in good company…..but well worth repeating. I think Terrence was one who envisioned centers of self-discovery around the world, among others I have read. But you surely can’t believe that this “Space Force” idea was conceived by the imbecile in office. All presidents are merely puppets….front men for the those who really wield power. Please don’t call me a conspiracy theorist. I hate the term. It serves to do nothing but cut off debate and limit thinking. If you believe the president is the one calling the shots then that is your right to believe, but I think it is very misguided. I doubt it though. You are too intelligent to believe in the fairytale being sold to the masses.

    The militarization of space has been on the books for a very long time. Under Reagan it was called Star Wars. This all coincides with the recent release of declassified UFO sightings by the Pentagon and the To The Stars Academy roll out. All being orchestrated by those who really control the narrative. I don’t know who “those” people are, but I have my hunches. The “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” are just names given to the real center of power. I don’t believe any one person really knows exactly who that is or how it works, and we could argue till the end of time about it, but that’s not the point. The point is that the public is being prepared for something….. something big. And it could just be that all of the secret operations just can’t be kept secret any longer and the powers that be are trying to get ahead of the ball, creating another huge distraction to keep the publics attention squarely away from what is really going on. It is all slight of hand, smoke and mirrors.

    The entire game is to keep people from turning inward and exploring inner space… keep them entirely focussed on the outer distractions. This is why psychedelics were criminalized in the first place. And maybe….just maybe it is precisely because of the recent renaissance in psychedelic use that powers the be feel it necessary to up the ante and take the distractions to the next level: space.

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    1. I do not disagree with any of that, and you may be right about all of it. However I also think it could just be a stupid man saying childish shit to bolster his idiot ego. The oligarchs have never used such a dumb puppet before, so anything goes!


      1. He’s the perfect tool for them. Easily controlled….. like a child, but without a soul. Also the perfect distraction for the masses. The only drawback is having a complete and utter imbecile, clown, ignoramus as leader of the greatest nation (so called) on Earth is that it kinda makes it obvious to those with half a brain left that something is fishy in Denmark. My contention has been that his presidency will demand a reassessment of the validity of the entire charade we call politics and government by those who needed a slap in the face to wake up to the reality of this sham. And he is the ultimate slap in the face of reason. Therefor, I suspect that many may be breaking free of the illusion for the first time. He represents a tipping point in the dynamics of our consensus reality. Now it is impossible to not see that the emperor wears no clothes. For some it will no longer be possible to fool themselves into believing in the fairytale of American exceptionalism any longer.


      2. I hope so. The conditions, in theory, are ripe. But what I see is an even more ridiculous doubling down on the partisan dichotomy. Maybe just a little further.


  2. Inner space force!

    I would opt for the visiting other places option over the drugs option, at this point. 😛

    I do think there is some potential for some drugs like that but I would estimate that we are barely maybe 3% into an ability to be able to use these drugs in the manner that would potential might indicate.

    I think the issue is because we don’t really even have a ground to understand how consciousness functions itself let alone throwing substances in there which again we really have no clue how they operate.

    I’ve spent years under the influence of psychedelics and ventured to many places and experiences and good and bad in sane etc — basically there is no general experience of psychedelics that have not encountered Weatherby meditation or spiritual healing or partying or going crazy or any of those things. I’ve been there.

    I think the significance of I’m sure you’re familiar with Carlos Castenada, it’s not so much of what he may have encountered or what he may prescribed some spiritual thing. I think it’s the significance involved with the shaman he encountered Don Juan who instructed him through his journey.

    On one hand I think we have to realize that we really can’t trust what inspiration or intuition that we gain from especially the more involved psychedelic experience is whether it’s involved in the sense of hours or involved in the sense of years over which that experience occurs.

    Now I’m sure many people would say well that’s the issue is you need to trust it in someway and find inspiration and things like that. But the issue involved with that kind of very surface kind a view of what’s happening is it really doesn’t grasp the nature of the experience itself and instead relies upon content that is being given to it that is then assume to be from some sort of central spiritual transcendental I don’t know what else he would call it source. I’m not sure that we can say that such a spirit says have any sort of common ground except in the most general sense.

    I think the second thing is to realize that the teachings that Carlos Castenada encountered through Don wan were on one side the end product of thousands of years of dealing with specific substances and the learning that has occurred through specific occasions and environments both physically and mentally. But then on the other there is a collision, kind of an interface, or just a boundary that represents Carlo Castenadas experience.

    The reason why Carlos Castenada his books become so 1980s new age ridiculousness is because he was functioning often extremely superficial understanding of a semantic platform of which he is not involved.

    I mean if you think of Shambala. Chogyam trungpa or however you spell his name; it is well noted That win the Buddhist monks from China first came to the west first came to United States, They realized that the western mind was so completely different from their own that they would have no ability to understand Buddhist teachings. This is the origin of Shambala. It is a westernized transitional version of what Buddhism really teaches. That room Poachy came up with a way of version of Buddhism which he felt could teach the western mind to begin to comprehend what Buddhism means or what the teachings are.

    But Buddhism itself had been developing for thousands of years basically in isolation. The western mines understanding of Buddhist teachings is about 100 years old.

    The discrepancy shows that if we are to understand how drugs really function up on the human mind, what they do with the benefits can be etc., we would have to get out of the notion of immediate or direct recognition of intuitive truths, And have a discussion of these experiences on a wide scale

    I love what you’re saying but I think so far is the drugs go we have just barely picked a leaf off a huge tree. Enter space for us that’s fucking hilarious it’s great

    But the visiting other places for sure I think would have a beneficial impact on understanding individual’s place in the universe.


    1. I will admit that the idea of drugs as saviors is a bit naive and oversimplified. Not only are we not in a place where we can integrate those experiences properly, but we are further away than we were half a century ago, as can be see when one watches videos of people tripping way back in the day, and now.

      At the same time, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. If we are ever to become the kind of people who can benefit from those practices, we need to clumsily start pushing into them now.


    1. There is nothing new in this article, or even all that deep. I am just using the authoritarian chatter in a way that subverts their narrative, which has purpose unto itself.

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    2. Drugs are merely keys which unlock doors to other dimensions. They are tools. The doors they open may lead to scary and/or non-assimilatable places, but there are risks to any journey, physical or non-physical. They are not good or bad. Just as fire is not good or bad. As Terrence Mckenna once said: If psychedelics are, on any level, to be taken seriously as catalyzers or expanders of consciousness, then we need them, because it’s an absence of consciousness that is making this historical transition so excruciating.

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      1. I’d agree with that. But the ‘non-ritualized’ form of understanding such drugs, as “neutral tools” , is just the ‘ritual understanding’ of our time. The modern context is based ‘nothing’, so the meaning of such drug experiences is ‘anything’. And of course the ‘actual’ form of investigating ‘nothing’ in mind of finding ‘something’: addiction.

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