Why Occultism & Conspiracy Theory Go Hand-in-Hand

Is it just a coincidence that so many occultists are also conspiracy theorists, or is there a connection between the two belief systems?

Just when I thought I was done heaping ridicule and scorn on occultists, I trash-talked conspiracy theorists, and then had a realization that I was essentially addressing the same group of people in both acts of derisive mockery. And then it dawned on me that the motivations for both forms of high dorkery are drawn from the same desire to possess exclusive knowledge.

“I know something that you all don’t!”

Both occultism and conspiracy theory allow people to feel like they belong to an exclusive group of intellectuals who are more informed than the average person about what really matters. And generally what really matters to these types is whatever appears as an upside down ‘anti-version’ of normative belief systems.

In some ways I can respect that. Making a willful effort to subvert the norms is indeed an honorable task, and provides the kind of mutation that allows cultures to evolve. Those who risk their own social status and break away from the status quo narrative of reality are on the right track, they just chose the wrong means to those ends

The problem is that any ‘anti-version’ of the mainstream is really just going to reinforce the mainstream. It is such an obvious challenge that the defense against it is built into the status quo by way of majority consensus labels for dismissing obvious outsider minorities. You will just look crazy, stupid or weird to most people, which will make your rebellion easy to disregard.

So I guess the lesson here is that if you want to be a true mutant, you need to get ultra-weird. You should appear crazy and stupid to the regular weirdos, but be so far out that the norms don’t even know how to alienate, dehumanize and dismiss you. If there are groups of weirdos just like you, and products marketed to your demographic, you just aren’t trying hard enough.

There is also another side to this. The occultist and conspiracy theorist alike gain a sense of superiority as a result of their specialization. As proud bearers of their complex web of knowledge they are able to see themselves as being more important than everyone outside of their semantic tribe. In this way they are all too much like professional upper class elitists. Instead of becoming special, occultists and conspiracy theorists have become overtly normal in the worst way possible.

And yes, I know that conspiracies actually exist, and that the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was created by government propaganda agents. I also know that occultism has provided valuable insight for many people. What I am talking about here are the cultures that have sprung up based on these ideas, as well as the people whose identities have been constructed around them. Becoming an unpopular stock character in this charade is really not in your best interest, so if you got a freak flag to fly, make sure it is the only one of its kind.



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