Mark Zuckerberg Deeply Regrets Selling Facebook User Info to Some Types of Greedy, Opportunistic Billionaires

The Facebook founder and CEO has publicly declared his misgivings for selling out humanity to a few specific kinds of its most powerful and wealthy abusers.

Mark Zuckerberg, who got his start playing the role of Data on Star Trek TNG and eventually became billionaire overlord of Earth’s social scene, is totally sorry about what he did…kinda. He is sorry that his platform was used by some politicians and political interest groups to gain an advantage over others.

However he does not wish to take back any pride in the role Facebook played in helping some others to gain a political advantage, like when Obama bragged about how it helped get him re-elected; or when Gary Johnson became the Governor of Space, which is cool because you can get high there now, if you can get there.

Aside from having no regrets about giving an assist to some types of politicians or political entities, Zuckerberg is pretty much chill with every other insanely rich and powerful person who he sold personal information and demographic data to in order to help them each realize their own unique dystopian dreamworld. Either he is so confident that his own dystopian vision will win out that he gets a big kick out of making money off other greedy, opportunistic billionaire’s futile attempts, or he can only realize a tiny portion of the problems of his ill-conceived products and worldview at any given time.

So while Zuckerberg and his peers in the Silicon Valley neoliberal elite, as well as most of the established old school global oligarchs and industrialists, are getting ever-richer exploiting human activity for for marketing purposes – at least he will try to keep out the ones that most of them don’t like as much from now on. So don’t you worry, everything is gonna be alright after all, so long as only the nice people with all the power and money are allowed to exploit us. And ol’ Zuck, well dangit, he’ll see to it!

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