Tots-4-Glocks: A Political Compromise for Both Sides

American politics can be summed up by two particular issues, guns and abortion, and I think I have found a way to end the stalemate.

Taissa, a gun control advocate, finds herself impregnated at the age of nineteen and is definitely not ready for the rigors of motherhood.

Harold, a pro-lifer, owns forty seven guns to protect himself against the government that he becomes irate about hearing liberals criticize.

Is there any way we can resolve this discordance? Is there a compromise which will meet the interests of both sides? You fuckin’ betcha there is!

Taissa says, “Hey Harry, you promise to raise this baby or find it a good home, and I promise not to abort it.”

“Oh really,” replies Harry, “what is the catch?”

“You give up your guns and gun rights forever.”

The question now is, does Harry really care more about the sanctity of human life than he does for his boomsticks? What is his priority here? If he takes the deal, he gets to ensure that Taissa endures her pregancy for nine months and then gets to make sure that the kid is raised to grow up less like her and more like him.

By the numbers it appears that Harry wins this moral contest, and all he loses are his guns. He does not risk his health or future, inasmuch as he was never really going to use his guns to fight the oppressors anyway.

Taissa, by agreeing to the onerous trial of gestation, has put herself in harms way in order that some guy like Harry will no longer be armed.

But I ask you…is there a Harry or Taissa out there that would make such a sacrifice in order to make the changes they want to see in the world? Probably a few, but not many. These topics have become weaponized scripts that each side uses to alienate and dehumanize the other with, which has about a zero million chance of ever accomplishing anything.

At this point we are just as oppressed by our attachment to these same endless political power plays as we are by the politicians and their corporate sponsors. You are best off refusing to be swayed by either of these issues, and instead apply your energy and resources to making changes right in your own community.


One thought on “Tots-4-Glocks: A Political Compromise for Both Sides

  1. Yeah it’s like the opposite of a catch 22 or something like that.

    But I don’t think that there are a lot of the pro lifers are really concerned with the sanctity of life, I think such rhetoric really comes from the idea that everyone should be responsible for their reproductive ability. The ideal of the sanctity of life is really a positive dogma of an ideal humanity. The reverse is not true I think. I think it is kind of a postmodern abuse of reason to say that a woman has control over her body, The pro-choice thing, is likewise presuming over all of humanity in an ideal sense of how they should be. End it may be that this is where we get into trouble with what we know as “neo liberalism”; which is to say that liberalists tend to think they’re so intelligent but really in their intelligence they fall back into conservatism, which really means they weren’t as intelligent as they thought they were, hence the big headed liberal.


    I think the difference between these two positions is that one feels that everyone should be like me by following these orders, and the other one says everyone should be like me by sticking to their own orders. It is an over intellectualized and philosophical stalemate that really has its foundations in just being plain stupid. Lol

    I like here just to positioning though I like the overlap of the issues putting it on one another, but I think the pro life gun owner is not occurring in the same field as the mother that finds herself in a situation where she really doesn’t want to have a child right now. The gun owner never comes across a moral dilemma; all moral dilemmas are put in the framework of what is right and right chest in an ideal human sense. Any crisis come upon by the pro life gun owner is seen only in reference to the idealized sense of humanity, as ordained by some transcendent other into this law abiding faithfullbrain.

    And I do think this will go on forever and less humanity comes to some sort of decision: both sides view the sanctity of life and the nobility of being human.

    But at some point I feel like we’re going to have to make some hard decisions about whether this is true or not, or perhaps just conditions will bring themselves to causing division that won’t have to be reconciled anymore, for example if we colonize Mars or go out to the stars or something.



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