Have You Tried ‘Katy’: Safe, Legal, Fun, Euphoric, Rejuvenating

Katy, a mostly all natural product from Limitless Life that also contains nootropics, is safe, fun, legal, packs a mighty buzz and leaves you feeling refreshed long after.

Last year I experimented with Katy for my first time on two occasions a few weeks apart from one another and kept notes on my experiences.

After taking my first dose of one pill I almost immediately began to detect the presence of Katy. While I am sure this was partially just anticipation, the feeling was not unlike what I later experienced more intensely. In under half an hour there was no doubt that it was the Katy, and not just my personally generated mental state, that was leading the show.

“Feeling like a gold statue in a paper womb.”

I am not much of a dancer, by which I mean I generally cannot and do not. But with an old Plastikman album playing mixed with the effects of the Katy, I spent the next few hours listening to old school electronica and getting my groove on.

During this time I had been dealing with debilitating lower back pains, which disappeared almost entirely while the Katy was in effect.

I experienced increased energy and euphoria, but none of the psychedelic effects of X or MDMA. Movement felt glorious and music was even more entrancing than usual. It seemed almost like a PG version of entheogens, but still quite nice.

“Been a bit depressed and fatalistic recently. Winter woes. This seems like a good exercise in reset. There are reported long term positive effects. My mind does feel very clear, and that is supposed to last days/weeks after.”

The positive effects did last throughout the next several days. I had a sense of mental clarity and calmness greater than the several weeks prior. On top of that there were no negative after-effects like you get with some more illicit substances.

 Two weeks later I decided to try it again, however this time I took two pills, one hour apart from one another so as to stretch it out a bit. Again I felt good dancing and listening to EDM, but at some point I realized I should let my back rest, and switched over to some old Modest Mouse and lied down. After doing that for a bit I thought a walk outside might be nice, so that is what I did. I took a short stroll around a few blocks and tried to enjoy the sights and sounds of the night around me.
My buzz began to deteriorate as I got colder. This reminded me that my peak experiences during the first trip were accompanied by a higher body temperature. So I headed home to try a hot shower.
“Isn’t that maybe what euphoria is…a cessation of the nausea of normality?”
The shower soon became a bath, and as the warm water filled the tub around me I felt higher and higher. Eventually, when it became deep enough, I put my head under the water with my face protruding out, and closed my eyes.
It took me a moment to recognize that loud beating sound as my own heart. As I listened harder I could hear more and more of my own body in action. I could hear blood flowing through my veins. I could hear my lungs absorb oxygen, distribute it to my bloodstream, and then be carried around my body. I could feel all of the little biological processes happening within myself. As I listened to all of these sounds I slowly realized that my mind was syncopating with them. As these sounds brought my body and mind together, the Katy really took off.
At this point I experienced the single greatest euphoria I have ever reached. My entire body was a throbbing, buzzing mass of pleasure. No opiate or any other drug I have tried has even came close to the heights of physical euphoria I was experiencing, which also provided a blissful mental euphoria.
After I got out of the tub my body continued to buzz like that for quite some time, while I danced and did stretches and light calisthenics. It slowly tapered off over the course of the next few hours, until I eventually sort of buzzed myself to sleep and went deep into my own headspace and had vivid dreams.
After a few hours of sleep, I began waking up every half hour. This was the post-jitters I had read about from others experiences with Katy, which I didn’t really get the first time. So I didn’t get the best night’s sleep, but it was well worth it. By the end of the next day, despite the lack of sleep, I felt fully recovered and better than before.

Earlier on the day that I had taken Katy I figured out what had been troubling my back. Shoes. So I went and got some shoes that would support a more healthy gait. With the pain gone and the urge to move, thanks to Katy, I got lots of motion and exercise in the new body position and strengthened some core muscles which has helped my back begin to make a recovery. Besides being blissful, Katy was also a helpful physical therapy aid.

I have no complaints about Katy whatsoever. If you accept Katy as its own thing, and are able to escape comparisons to other substances, it is it’s own unique and enjoyable experience. While it does not have the mindfuck intensity of entheogens, it does produce enough ecstatic bliss that it can be similarly useful as a therapeutic device.

“When your body and mind reach a state of harmonious bliss, you are able to escape the momentum of your life. All of the anxiety and pain of living come to a screeching halt while the drug whispers sweet nothings into every nerve in your body. And so afterwards you get a fresh start. There will be more pain and anxiety to come, but they will be fresh accumulations, not the mass grave of existential angst we carry with us through most of our days.”

I highly recommend Katy. Especially as a supplement for musical or aquatic events. But I also recommend it for those trying to work through difficult physical, emotional and mental hang ups. I mean, if you are having serious issues, please seek some help, but insofar as DIY therapeutic aids and legal highs go – Katy is Queen.

At around $5 per pill, it is very much worth it.



7 thoughts on “Have You Tried ‘Katy’: Safe, Legal, Fun, Euphoric, Rejuvenating

    1. Thank you! For me, writing a review should be done with the same literary zeal as anything else! But also, I really love this product. 🙂


  1. Cool article. I thought I’d check it out, and ordered a sample pack of 4 KATY capsules. Order arrived and was duly consumed; it was interesting enough to want to repeat the experiment, but it seems my second order has been intercepted by the Australian Border Police, who are under the impression it’s a “SERIOUS DRUG ALTERNATIVE” and a “PROHIBITED PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCE”.

    I’m in the process of asking them to hand the order over in the hope they are just being extra specially super vigilant, and not just obtuse.

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