Patriotic Film Review: First Blood (Rambo)

Patriotic Film Review takes on American cinema with the perspective of a true American. Today’s review is for First Blood (1982), a tale of domestic terrorism.

When I was a boy I must have rented this movie a dozen times or more. I owned several Rambo-style ‘survival knives’ and considered the series a masterpiece of manhood and independence. My friends and I would play Rambo in the ravine behind my house. But after watching it again today, I realized that Rambo is a criminally insane domestic terrorist who hates America and deserves to be no real man’s role model.

John Rambo, special snowflake, is a jobless bum who thinks he is above the law. Instead of using the G.I. Bill to get an education and career, he returns from Vietnam and becomes an emo waste-oid. Believing he is too good to suck it up and take responsibility for his life, he blames America for his inability/refusal to be a man. Eventually this disgusting lifestyle leads him to the town of Hope, Washington – where the local heroes in blue recognize him immediately for what he really is.

Sheriff Will Teasle, even though he sees right through Rambo’s childish bullshit, offers him assistance and helps him keep on moving. However, always the ungrateful brat, Rambo believes he has been wronged and is a victim and openly defies the law. Then he has the audacity to be outraged when he is called out on his childish little protest, so the sheriff has no other choice but to book him. If you follow the law and its officers, you got nothing to worry about, but Rambo thinks he is too special to have to comply.

At this point they could have just killed this piece of trash, but instead they try to give him some tough love, in the hopes that an unforgettable lesson will set him straight to be a productive member of American society. Instead he acts like an animal and is completely ungrateful for the lesson he has been blessed with. As if that is not enough, he quickly escalates from criminal to domestic terrorist by resisting the brave officers trying to correct his attitude and behaviors.

Before you even know what is happening, John Rambo has gone from a whiny, entitled hobo to Ted Kaczynski with a machine gun.

By this point in the film I start to become disgusted by how the people who made this movie decided to portray this scumbag; like he is some kind of victim instead of a threat to our freedoms and liberties. The sympathy implied by the films writer, director and actor make it seem like John Rambo is a misunderstood hero pushed too far; rather than the murderous, cop-killing traitor that he is. And as events unfold he extends his murderous reign to the brave men and women of the U.S. Military.

It just gets more and more disgusting and full of bullshit. By the end of the film Rambo is somehow still alive and allowed outside of a piss-soaked cage. The justice system is a failure. Political favors save Rambo from the death he has earned ten times over.

Later films in the franchise try to make up for this mess, as Rambo’s talents are aimed at the enemies of America. But the first film, as much as I hate to say it, is a total piece of shit made by liberal Hollywood Jews who hate our proud nation. But I guess that is no different than 90% of the cultural Marxist propaganda aimed at turning our youth into a prison of Pokeman-sexuals.



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