The Exact Moment I Turned Off the New Katt Williams Special

Katt Williams is a funny man, but he is also an unflinching misogynist and unwitting oppressor apologist.

Before I hit play on Katt William’s new Netflix special ‘Great America’ I reminded my partner that even though he was very funny, there would probably be some misogyny and/or homophobia involved. We discussed the recent Dave Chappelle special, which was also funny, but misogynist, homophobic and transphobic. We agreed to give it a chance anyhow.

The first ten minutes are jokes about Jacksonville, where the special was filmed. While I applaud his ability to connect specifically to his audience, I don’t know fuck-all about Jacksonville, as I am assuming most people who will watch this special don’t. It seemed way too specific for a general audience. But I trudged on.

Next I was treated to a comically redundant rant on aging, which did actually make me laugh at several points.

After that it was the obligatory “I Miss Obama” speech in the form of unfunny jokes begging virtue signal applause. It is hard for me to hear black people praise a leader who presided at a time when more black people had been killed by police and imprisoned than at any other time in history anywhere. This is not to mention his ‘most countries bombed’ record. However people are symbol users, so a black president is a symbol that transcends verifiable data points in many peoples hearts and minds. I understand and accept that.

As the trajectory of Katt’s set made obvious, there was going to be a discussion of the current administration. I braced myself, as I always do in these situations. I have less than zero respect for Donald Trump and do believe his rapidly evolving opportunist narrative is creating cultural viruses that have cast us back seventy five years ideologically. But since I refuse to take circuses seriously, I do not let myself become overwrought by that narrative.

I watched Katt’s narrative evolve into a (valid) criticism of Trump’s immigration policies, but then it all went awry for me. His opening salvo for rejecting Trump’s anti-immigration authenticity was…

“His motherfuckin’ bitch ain’t from here.”

I hit stop.

Melania Trump may not be the most admirable of women, but she is not just Trump’s ‘bitch’. She is an individual with agency and self-ownership. To objectify her and reduce her to property just because her husband is a certified POS (and she probably isn’t much better) is still fucking wrong.

Melania is her own bitch. Her bitch ownership is a consequence of her own thoughts, decisions and actions. She is not just an ancillary accessory of Donald Trump. To suggest so is misogynist in a number of ways.

Needless to say, any person who would partner with Trump is probably worthy of suspicion. I highly doubt she is a woman of high virtue caught in a gambit beyond her own machinations. But while her character and motivations should be questioned for their dubious nature, her individuality and agency should not.

Sorry Katt, but you are out of my bag.


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