YouTube Will Now Punish the Unpopular

Make no mistake, cutting content off from advertising means YouTube is disincentivized to share that content, creating an echo chamber of popularity.

Below is the e-mail I received from YouTube tonight. It kind of blew my mind. I have produced hundreds of videos, some of which had hundreds of thousands of views, and never made a cent. Now I am being treated like a failure to be put in the dunce-house.

Because…It isn’t like my videos have failed because I did not conform to popular content guidelines. Oh, well, it is. And the suggestion that I should conform to succeed is dystopic as all fuck out.

As a strange act of synchronicity, this all happened just after I called out social media on its intrinsic tendencies towards conformity and dystopia.

youtube fuckery.png

Check yourselves, YouTube (Google)…you think you are the arbiter of reality, but you are just another echo chamber of dogmatic literalists.


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