Why Isn’t Every Employee of the State Tested for Psychopathy?

Could vigorous psychological testing prevent unstable leaders, or would it rule out pretty much everyone who was attracted to those positions?

This article originally appeared at my website unicornworld.org on 4/16/2016.

A friend of mine was recently telling me about a conversation with their father that raised an interesting point. In it he wondered why politicians were not tested for signs of psychopathy or psychopathic tendencies.

First a little back story. My friends father is a total statist. In fact he would call himself a democratic socialist. Despite the bad ideology and philosophy, the man is certainly not an idiot. As an intelligent and competent pilot, mechanic and engineer he worked his way up in the Air Force where he found himself getting involved in highly classified projects.

As he explained to my friend, these projects require high level clearance that can only be given after extended and complex tests and observations are completed. One of the main tests is to ensure that the candidate does not display psychopathic ideologies or tendencies. These tests require all of your friends and family to be interviewed and you are observed for a long duration to make it nearly impossible to fake insane inner workings or actions.

After all, you cannot have some total psycho working with the largest nuclear stockpile in the world. Unless, of course, they are elected.

Of course he was mostly talking about Donald Trump, whose statements on the subject of WMDs do not make a very convincing case they he wouldn’t use them just to watch things go boom under his fingertips. Many people share his concern. Which is why he wonders why someone with as much power as the POTUSA isn’t tested for psychopathy like he was at a far lower level of power.

Now we could get into how the position of president is just a public relations sham and the actual shots are called from the corporate sidelines, but for the sake of this article, lets take democracy (roflmao) seriously.

It just seems obvious that candidates for the most powerful position in the country should undergo testing and observation to weed out the whackos. So by all means, lets test every presidential candidate from here on out.

But why stop there? What about Congress? Governors? State legislators? Mayors? County Supervisors?

Really though, why just electable positions? Shouldn’t we weed out psychopaths at every level of government? The Supreme Court? Hell, every appointed or elected courtroom official in every courtroom across the country.

Police? ESPECIALLY THEM. No badge until it can be determined that you are not an unhinged halfwit just waiting to to turn some childhood trauma into aggression against your community.

Soldiers? Yep, that’s a no-brainer.

Every single bureaucrat in every single branch and level of government. How many sadists are employed by the DMV or the Clerk of Courts Office. From my experience, there are plenty.

However, as the saying goes, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So we can’t just test these public servants once and be done with it. They should be re-administered every 4-5 years, or whenever a public employee shows signs of psychotic thoughts or behaviors.

If we did all of this, how long do you think we would have a government? Without the narcissism, megalomania and vanity of the deranged, who would be left to seek positions of power? Who would want to rule over the largest organized force of threat in the world who was not also touched in the head?

The few who did would not be enough to fill all of the positions our leviathan master has created to protect itself from those it claims to protect. No government such as ours could exist without loads of psychopaths occupying positions from the bottom to the top. And in the government line of work, the scum generally does rise to the top.

Eliminating psychopathy from government would effectively eliminate government.

So hells yeah, test every one of those welfare whores. That should work for about fifteen minutes before the psychopaths figure out how to control the psychology and psychiatric industries through new regulations that are sold to us as protection.

In the meantime just assume that everyone who takes home a tax-generated paycheck is off their rocker and dangerous.

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