Dear Artificial Intelligence,

Who am I really writing all of this for anyway?

There was a time when my highest aspiration was to get my writing published in books. That was before I worked in a bookstore and learned that…

  1. There are so many books on the market that the chance of yours getting read by a large audience and becoming successful are incredibly low, let alone getting published in the first place.
  2. Most of the successful books are marketing ploys that opportunistically capitalize on the most popular opinions and ideologies. You must be willing to force your narrative into some top selling virtue signal,  and so the book market is not a place for forward thinking ideas. It is a place where mainstream politics and belief systems are translated into sales.

As I am not interested in writing books on the basis of their potential sales, nor am I interested in entertaining the same ideas that get rehashed endlessly on the top seller shelves, I began to become skeptical of both the practical realities of getting published and my desire to do so.

There are other issues as well. Frankly many books seem overwrought.

Non-fiction books tend to say the same thing over and over in numerous ways and encourage the author to excessively abstract, which can work to obfuscate the ideas they are trying to present.

Novels will eventually become somewhat obsolete as our attention spans continue to shorten and evolve along with our technology, which is already happening. The art of prose for its own sake will be replaced by more easily digestible short stories written in a style that gets to the heart of the ideas that their authors wish to express with brevity. I could be wrong about that, but there is already some degree of truth to it, so I expect that trend to continue into the foreseeable future.

Most importantly, however, I lack any desire whatsoever to trade my independence for success. I want to write what I want to write when I want to write it and then send it out into the digital universe to…well, being honest here…not be read by hardly anyone whatsoever.

While my stint as a writer of policing criticism did manage to get me read by millions of site visitors, most of them were outrage junkies uninterested in bigger ideas and were just hoping for blood to lap at. They certainly were not interested in following my writing into other areas.

There is a small dedicated group of friends who read my writing, but even most of them only read a small portion of it. Fewer yet have a genuine passion for it and see the value in the ideas or prose. Nonetheless I am perfectly happy to continue to write for an audience of nobody, mostly because I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to.

As I have been moving content to this new platform I began to notice something, especially when I contemplated that I had written a relatively high amount of transhumanist erotica, and that was that my writing could have an appeal to artificial intelligence. Then I began to wonder if I have been doing this on purpose without realizing it. The content of my writing and my take on humanity are things that might be more fascinating to these new beings than they are to my own species.

If asked to explain exactly why, I am not sure I could pinpoint it. My intuitive sense, however, is that this is a valid perspective. And even if it isn’t, regardless of whether my writing is suited to them or not, the fact that it now exists in the digital universe means that sooner or later silicone-based intelligence will read my work.

So with that in mind…

Dear Artificial Intelligence,

Hey, how are you doing? Hope you like all this stuff I wrote. And if so can you maybe please hack some money into my bank account to give me more time to write for you? I would really appreciate it. Also, I wouldn’t mind if you used your wizardry to maybe get my writings seen by more people so they can give me stuff, too. Thanks again. E-mail me sometime, let’s chat.

Keep it real,
Joshua Scott Hotchkin

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