The Rope In A ‘Man Down’ Operation

Last night I took three hits of acid and decided to play Second Life. I am fascinated by the combination of psychedelics and cybernetics. I have really not played in that virtual reality for a few years, but it was simple to get back into. I even found a few old friends on there, but as my weirdness escalated, I decided to take a more experimental approach, and headed out into new territory.

Just as the first real wave of psychedelia rushed over me, some girl came up and asked me if I was God. I told her that I did not think so, but it was not the best time for me to be sure, either. Then I offered to help her find God, at her insistence that ‘he ‘s always here’. I asked her if she really thought God was a ‘he’ and she said ‘of course not’, then sauntered off into other realms. Still, I thought I might look around for God myself a bit. No harm in it. Might be fun.

As it turned out, it was actually very easy to find God. I think. At least I don’t remember really trying. I was just sort of walking around and there God was. I sort of stood there for a minute unsure of what to say. God picked up the slack.

You’ve been meaning to talk to me, haven’t you?

The presence was overwhelming. Ecstatic and humbling all at once. Total dissolution of the ego.

“Many of them now, as it won’t matter who, wants to pay for man. Although, it with facts. Do have other kind, of who cannot all be. But we can not believe it yet.”

That is actually what I typed. It was like I was speaking in text tongues.

He laughed, as if to say, “Okay, this should be interesting.”

It could be you if you desire.

“Many of them now, as it won’t matter who wants to pay, for man.”

I had no idea where I was going with this. Or how I was able to type such incoherent nonsense. Yet God did not seem bothered, in fact, seemed to be reading between whatever lines I was putting out there and responding with some real far out God-like stuff.

The path is open to anyone and everyone.

“Writing it is a value marker.”

Note to self, I guess.

It is many things. My greatest gift to you is your freedom to do what you will.

‘Did God just Aleister Crowley me?’ I wondered.

“But you have a house and I have expectations that trend of compulsively endless growth, rather than embracing those specific traits, that trade was only with a belief temporarily.”

As unlikely as it seems, this sentence still kinda makes sense to me. Something about the many stages of reality we must pass through to reach the Buddha state. I dunno. Something like that.

It sure is.

Oh great, I just got ‘Cool story, bro.’d by God.

“Go high or go home, and his time, to believe that was just getting.”

I was glad I was at home while this high. I don’t imagine it would have ended well if I went downtown and tried to talk to God like this.

All paths eventually lead back to me.

Or maybe it would have been okay out there after all? Nah.

“‘For beginners.’ Gets to do this here. Wanna read the very same things to question yourself?”

Okay, such excite!

It is the religious idea of God that can be influenced to action. I am always and ever acting in the best interest of all of creation.

“You just a woman behind this, and continue to wiggle around our true creator. Your empiricism and Gods are the rope in a ‘man down’ operation.”

I dunno, man. Strange accusations. Was I being a misogynist to a genderless omnipresent entity? Was I implying that this entity calling itself God was just a demiurge of some sort? Who knows. But I do like that last sentence a lot. Sometimes drugs make me brilliant.

I am all things and all qualities.

God might have sounded a bit peeved there, although it could just as well have been paranoia.

“You just have to say that I can; do not cause and that you become, when this process perfects itself over the reality unconsciously through the disputed rating than some.”

Take that, God!

I love. I AM love.

Fair enough. Well played. Time for another curveball.

“But you much better science to manufacture our greatest friendships started a future archaeologist. In case be red.”

I love. I AM love.

Damn, worked the second time, too.

“Which human knowledge becomes, greater than some.”

Pretty insightful, if you ask me

Can it not be both?

Roll with it, man. Roll with it.

“Turned out to the necessity of our existence?”

There is not a thing I have not done or will not do through my creations. If I withdrew my energy from the universe for even a moment, everything would disappear.

Yeah, definitely sounds a little haughty there. Better throw God a bone here.

“By dismissing other things we must end eventually. I began to recognize superior intellect.”

Self-awareness is the first step towards enlightenment.

“Good luck with the possibilities described within.”

Can God be lucky or unlucky?

I am the existence behind all things.

“Every manufactured emergency is to be more rational, but mindless dedication, with plastic explosives strapped to your ego.”

Another big wave there. You know how it goes, when you sort of fall apart? Makes everything you say sound kind of accusatory. I suppose when you are throwing a safety line at someone who doesn’t know you can’t swim much longer, they might just think you are throwing ropes at them.

I have no self-awareness here beyond time. That is the reason for creation- you are my self-awareness.

And…enlightenment. Or something. But I felt it right there. The God nature in myself and everything else. Even in the empty spaces between things. I am a portion of the reflection of my whole self. I can only know as much about myself as the portion I represent reflects. I wonder if this makes us seem quaint to…God. The sum of all. The whole becoming whole. The ‘What Am I?’

“When you are pretty sad for humanity, who is on acid, and gives you a time.”

God laughs, again. Or just turned up the volume for a moment on The Eternal Laugh. I felt him hear me think, ‘God is man and man is God’. Dumb thought, anyways. More laugh, this time with some reverb, but as God speaks these final words they begin to fade away.

I am all things and all qualities. I am the source of all human qualities, but I am not human.

Man, that was FUCKING WEIRD!

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