The BotLit Manifesto

The BotLit Manifesto aims to construct a simple methodology by which literature can be created using crude forms of artificial intelligence such as chatterbots and text generators.

The BotLit Manifesto recognizes the validity of the generation of random prose and seeks to use these tools to expand upon the literary efforts of human beings in the name of artistic exploration.

Below is a list of general guidelines and rules for creating literature using these tools for those who wish to experiment in the BotLit Manifesto Movement.

1) At least half of the text must be randomly generated by two or more generation tools.

2) You must attempt to keep the randomly generated texts within their original context as far as is possible.

3) You may not edit a sentence by changing, adding or removing words. (unless you are removing an incomplete ending from an otherwise complete sentence)

4) You may edit a sentence using punctuation, capitalization or other text attributes such as italics.

5) You may edit a paragraph by removing whole sentences.

6) You do not have to use all texts generated.

7) You may change the order of texts if necessary for improving and/or strengthening the thematic elements of the random texts.

8) You must differentiate between texts generated by different tools and also between the random texts and the originally authored ones by using different formatting for the different texts used. Formatting options, such as font, font size, bold and italics can be used to do so at your discretion.

9) You may use any random text generation method powered by computers, even those you construct yourself.

10) You must register your BotLit with AdvancedDankUnicorn and advertise your literature as BotLit, as well as following the rules and guidleines, in order to participate in the BotLit Manifesto Movement.

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