This is a small sample of my poetry. Perhaps someday I will get around to adding more.

I Fuck; Therefore, I Am

I fuck; therefore, I am
Said the cynical man
I pull it out and put it in
So the comedies repeated again
Over and over again…

I fuck; therefore, I am
No purpose and no plan
No mind and neither hand
Just genetic momentum
I fuck; therefore, I am

I Am; therefore I fuck
A cynic’s a sitting duck
For existential muck
And a habit of getting stuck
In ‘I fuck; therefore, I am’

Major General Ed’s Home for Wayward Poems and Misfit Prose

I pissed to the shadow of my shoulder

I shit to the bottom of my soul
I spat in the eye of beauties beholder
From a vomitous fit in a black hole

I oozed and squirted
With incontinence I flirted
As I bled and excreted
With the abandon of the heathen
In the garden of hedon
Alone with my assumptions
And metaphors
Of bodily functions
I leak therefore I am


Until All of the Names Have Been Spoken

Until all of the names have been spoken
Until heaven is a place in our souls
Until the light underneath all of the shadows
Shines brighter than could be reflected
From the pages of the names
Of all of the things

Until all of these names have been spoken
From the shadows of refuge
That formed the womb
Binding space and time
In the fractured mind

Until all of these names are spoken
Blessed are we
The fractured mind of ‘What Am I?’
Who through space and time
Forge the thoughts
That form the words
From the eternal poem
That is all of the names
Of the Divine

Objectivity is the illusion
That has facilitated our evolution
Singular truth
Is no longer the solution
Subjectivities rapture
Destroys the delusion
Cleanses the spirit
Removes the pollution
A time is coming
A revolution
Of consciousness
And new illusions
You’ll need a key to pass
So remember this saying
I am not a thing
I am everything
I am not the eye that sees all else
But just an eye that sees itself
God is not a thing
We are everything

Grandmother I Am Sorry: In Memory of Michael Brown

Grandmother I am sorry
I could not make it today
A man with a badge and gun
Stopped me along the way

Grandmother I was so scared
When he reached around my head
So though I had done nothing
I ran away and now I am dead

Grandmother I will miss you
I am sorry I could not make it
The men with the badges and guns
Are full of too much hatred

Grandmother just one last thing
In remembrance of me
Tell all the world what happened
And have them hear my plea

The men with the guns and badges
Are not on the peoples side
They are bigots gone mad with power
Let no more of your grandsons die

Grandmother I am sorry
I could not make it today
The bigots with guns and badges
Took everything away

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