Theory of Love, Love of Theory & Love As the Ultimate Theory

Love begins, like any sound theory, with a simple observation. If this observation piques our curiosity or interests we form a hypothesis with which to test it. Through the rituals of friendship, bonding, courting, engagement, marriage, sex, communication and many others we conduct these tests. Love, then, becomes the theory. A working model of the relationship between two individuals (phenomena). It is not an objective constant. New observation and analysis can render love obsolete. Love is absolutely falsifiable, which gives it its value and meaning. To keep love honest we must investigate its inconsistencies. We must evolve with it in order to maintain an understanding of it, which means a dedication to new theories which make love function. If we settle into a singular ideology or method of loving then we are sure to corrupt or destroy it. Love must be fleeting, a task which seeks no final product, but only the act of production. Love is growth and evolution and enlightenment and the ultimate human science. And like love, science must never grow set in its ways, for then it would sacrifice all that it has worked towards. Or even worse, trade experience for the desire to be absolutely right for the same reasons forever.

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